What does EBD manufacture? 

EBD creates precision-designed and formed steel doors that are bespoke and highly engineered. With their unique Configurator process, each door is given a unique identification code that follows it throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures compliance with UK and international building and safety requirements and delivers exceptional performance in fire, security, access control and acoustics. Our doors are trusted by security-sensitive data centres worldwide and they provide a complete solution that includes design, manufacturing and technical support. Choose EBD for a compliant, and high-performance door solution tailored to your exact specifications.


What types of EBD doors are available? 

EBD doors are available in a wide range of types, the series includes fire doors, security doors and acoustic doors. They can be customised to meet specific project requirements and are suitable for various industries with a focus on highly secure areas, including data centers, healthcare, education and commercial. (Link to products page)


What are the benefits of EBD doors? 

EBD doors offer several benefits, including high security, durability and acoustic performance. EBD Doors are bespoke and manufactured to the demands of each project specification. They are designed to meet the most stringent safety standards including E, EI and EW ratings, typically fire rated from 30 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes. (Link to products page)


Are EBD doors bespoke? 

Yes, all EBD doors are bespoke and manufactured to meet each specific project requirement. They can be made in various sizes, finishes and colours to match security, acoustic, fire requirements and building designs. (Link to products pages)


Are EBD doors fire-rated? 

Yes, EBD doors are fire-rated and can withstand fire for a specified period, depending on the rating. They are tested and certified to meet the most stringent safety standards. (Link to products pages)


What is the warranty period for EBD doors? (Confirm with EBD Team and also EQC for coating?)

The warranty period for EBD doors varies depending on the type of door and the application. Typically, the warranty period ranges from one year to ten years.


How do I order EBD doors? 

To order EBD doors contact our team who will assist you in choosing the right door type and specifications and provide you with a quote.



TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT | +44 (0)2920 36 11 11



What is the delivery time for EBD doors? (Need to confirm with EBD team)

The delivery time for EBD doors varies depending on the type of door, quantity and bespoke requirements. Typically, the delivery time ranges from four to six weeks.


Does EBD offer installation? 

No, EBD do not install steel doors, but do work closely with installers, contractors and building owners to offer guidance to ensure accurate installation. (Link to installation guides)


What after-sales services does EBD offer? 

The EBD team is always available to provide support and assistance and we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services. (Link to support page)